Teaching and advising meetings: During the academic year, I hold regular office hours. These are open office hours for any student in the courses I'm teaching, linguistics majors and minors, SLAT students, graduate students, or students considering the linguistics major or SLAT program. No appointment is needed if you would like to meet during these hours.

My office hours for fall term are Wednesday 12-2. If you are unable to meet during these hours, you may set up an appointment with me here

During summer term, finals week, and the weeks between terms, please contact me by e-mail for appointment availability.

I teach a number of courses in our department ranging from general education courses and introductory courses to our major to graduate seminars and advanced research methods courses. Below are the courses I am teaching this academic year, as well as a selection of classes from previous years.

If you are a student in a current course, please see Canvas for more information on the class.


  • Ling199/UGST112 - First Year Runway: Tomato, Tomäto

  • Ling201 - Language and Power

  • Ling411/511 - Phonetics

Previous Years:

  • Ling101 - Introduction to Language

  • Ling199 - Perspectives on Linguistic Research

  • Ling199 - College Connections - Tomato, Tomäto

  • Ling201 - Language and Power

  • Ling301 - Introduction to Linguistic Analysis

  • Ling302 - Introduction to Linguistic Behavior

  • Ling407/507 - Seminar: Non-Native Speech

  • Ling407/507 - Seminar: Non-Native Speech Perception and Production

  • Ling407/507 - Seminar: Expectation in Perception and Production

  • Ling411/511 - Phonetics

  • Ling440/540 - Linguistic Principles and Second Language Learning

  • Ling444/544 - Second Language Acquisition

  • Ling 611 - Empirical Methods in Linguistics II

From a trip to the Max Planck Institute of Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen

From a trip to the Max Planck Institute of Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen